WHAT TO WEAR: San Francisco-Inspired

This Fashionisto reminds me of San Francisco and all that embodies it. I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Every weekend, my mother dragged us to every museum in San Francisco. My siblings and I went to so many museums that we were quickly forced to revisit the same museums over and over again. Now that I am older, I appreciate that she tried to awaken our drive to learn. To be fair, we did ask hundreds of questions. My personal favorite was, “But why, Mom?” After getting bored of going to the same exhibit month after month, my love for people-watching grew.

I was sitting in my English class, and as I tried to pay attention to my professor, I noticed on his tall stature his outfit. I then went on to daydream about my trips to the museums as a young girl. This Fashionisto looked like he was plucked right out of a museum. He wore a pair of Converse, gray jeans, a bright blue button-down, a black blazer, and a gray scarf with hints of blue and green.

Like San Francisco, his outfit revealed that he is young, intelligent, creative, and unique. I see San Francisco as a hub of buzzing intellect and innovation. His fitted jeans and Converse showed his casual manner and youth. The blazer was fitted nicely and brought his colors together. I adore how his scarf had hints of blue and green stripes, which matched the bright blue button-down he had on. What drew me to his outfit was his ability to mix styles and produce a cohesive outfit.