WHAT TO WEAR: Romping The Night

Move in day is just around the corner, if not already past for some, and soon it will be fall. Although it will be so great to be back to the stomping grounds, I wouldn’t mind summer sticking around for a few more weeks. Sunny days and long nights are what we all live for, but soon it’ll be back to hitting the books and our long nights will be spent cramming for whatever quiz is the following day. We will spend our last days of summer catching up with our friends and having one last get together before we all go back to our campuses. What a better way to celebrate the return of school than a classic girl’s night out?

Rompers are the perfect girl’s night out outfit. A hybrid of shorts, top and dress combo, rompers embody so many different styles into one sleek garment. I love rompers for many reasons, but one of my favorite reasons: little to no risk of wardrobe malfunction. No matter how you decide to spend your girl’s night out, a romper is the way to go.

This Fashionista’s floral romper and wedge combo has me drooling! This outfit is flirty, chic and everything in between, which is why it is perfect for a night out. Pairing this sassy outfit with a Michael Kors watch and blingy necklace, this Fashionista is slaying! This outfit will definitely be the talk of the night. Rompers are perfect for showing off your moves on the dance floor or even sipping on a cocktail on the patio of your favorite restaurant. Maybe these shoes wouldn’t be the easiest to dance in, but you get the point!

One Simple Change: Let’s be honest, we’ve all hit the town in last night’s outfit with a few modifications. Even after a wild night, errands are inevitable. Throwing on your favorite sneakers and taking off the jewelry will make this outfit perfect for those pesky Sunday morning errands.