WHAT TO WEAR: Rock the (Not a) Fashion Show

Following NYFW, I am sure many have been feeling a little extra inspired by the new trends presented by our favorite designers. It is always thrilling to discover a new trend and style it with your own twist, so this article will feature an edgy Fashionista’s take on the fishnet frenzy. Originally popularized by Kendall Jenner, there are many different ways to flash your fishnets in an outfit. From fishnet socks, to layering underneath a slip dress, to peeping through slits, Fashionista/os are getting creative with this craze. This Fashionista decided to have them peak through her ripped jeans and flaunt the waistband just above her mid-rise jeans. She also chose to sport her look at Diablo Conglomerate’s “Not a Fashion Show” on March 3, 2017. Following the trends to the runway, she displays a perfect example of what to wear to the runway with an edge. Fashion shows are the optimal opportunity to display your sense of style because it is a highly experimental and innovative environment full of other clothing lovers.

The trendy Fashionista achieves her unique street vibe with the combination of casual and classy clothing. The fishnets are the focal point of the look and are fused with very relaxed torn jeans, a basic black tank, and Nikes. Layered on top is a textured, caramel colored, long-lined coat. Not to forget accessories, she added a split choker to complete the ensemble. The contrast evoked from her street-inspired pieces under the timeless coat is what truly sets the outfit apart while keeping it current.

Hopefully this look motivates all of you reading this article to chase a trend or attend a fashion show! Drawing creativity from others is so powerful in fashion, so get out there and try some new looks with your own personal approach.