WHAT TO WEAR: Ready For A Splash

One of the most popular activity in the summer is to go to a beach or pool. With the temperature on a constant rise, it is nice to cool down in the water with your friends and family. Although you could hop into a pool or ocean with your regular clothes on, it’s nice to wear swimsuits that don’t soak up the water. Thus, swimsuits allow you to move freely through the water.

The Fashionisto stayed breezy during a hot summer day by wearing his graphic T-shirt with his Hurley swim shorts. What is great about these swim shorts is that it looks like regular shorts but made with water resistant fabric. This water resistant fabric is very light to wear and is very comfortable since it doesn’t soak in sweat as well. Thus, you can wear these shorts any day you want and you will always be prepared to have a splash, while still looking stylish.

Although guys don’t need a T-shirt in the water, you still do need to wear a shirt when you are traveling to and from the beach or pool. I advise wearing a white shirt. The color white is breezy and does not soak in the sunlight. Plus, T-shirts are easy to take off when you are rushing to get in the cool water.

Last but not least, it’s always important to know what time it is. In order to be fully prepared for a last minute splash, this Fashionisto never leaves his house without his white G-Shock watch. G-Shock watches are great when styling a sporty look during any season. Since G-Shock also offers shock proof and water resistant watches, they are perfect for any adventurous Fashionisto this summer. This Fashionisto decided to style his outfit with a white watch since the color white is not only breezy but matches any outfit easily.

One Simple Change: By switching the swim shorts to a pair of long jeans, you are ready for the chilly upcoming fall season.