WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Spring Days

WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Spring Days

I don’t think Kansas City has gone a day without rain this week. I’m spending my spring break at home, and as you can imagine the world outside my window is much different than the world of my Instagram feed. Although I appreciate the green grass and leaves on the trees, I don’t appreciate the constant drizzle that eventually turns into a full-on torrential downpour. I wrote about this in my previous post, but seriously, this weather is the worst for trying to decide what to wear! The confusing thing about this week is that the intensity of the rain can change within minutes, so what was appropriate to wear one moment may not be the next.

In order to be prepared for the good and the bad, it’s best to wear pieces that would work in both dry and wet climates. This long sleeve, off-the-shoulder top is perfect, because the sleeves keep this Fashionista’s arms warm when it gets super windy, but the off-the- shoulder aspect allows her to stay cool if the sun decides to come out. If it were really cold, she could have thrown on a rain jacket or trench coat, but the weather wasn’t unbearable this day so the long sleeves did the trick. Navy is a great color as well and paired nicely with the natural tones in the rest of her outfit.

Shoes are also super important when dressing for this type of weather. Rain boots are ideal, but sometimes they just don’t work with your outfit. In this case, go for booties! Booties are the most versatile shoe, in my opinion. This Fashionista’s suede ones are super cute, but suede usually isn’t the best in wet weather. However, in college you pretty much wear everything everywhere, and it works. But if you’re dedicated to preserving the longevity of your clothing (I wish I were), I’d stick to leather or rain boot material.

Alright, let’s talk accessories. Although accessories aren’t exactly reliant on the weather, no great outfit is complete without a great bag, and this Tory Burch one is to die for. The color of it is great for all seasons, and the size is perfect. Also, the dainty jewelry keeps this outfit simple while adding a little sparkle.

Happy April, everyone! Let’s hope for some sunshine this month!