WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

January 31st, 2017 at 2:00am

Dressing and looking lovely does not have to be scarified by dreary weather. Style has no limits, not even the rain can stop it! Dressing for wet weather is no easy task, so take style tips from this Fashionista. Boots are a must for wet terrain and these Dr. Martens Boots are adorable yet durable. Tied or untied, these booties will look fabulous on the streets. A solid bold color on your toes will surly make a splash. The chunky heel and signature yellow stitched Dr. Martens are perfect rain booties.

This Fashionista is sporting a cute cotton long cardigan in a mustard color. The versatility and comfort of a cardigan is key to college students. Her solid black dress helps to compose a classic look. Versatility and comfort are two of the key elements to any stylish look especially for college students. Loose clothing like the dress and cardigan are perfect for drying fast in the weather as well as comfortability. This Style Guru complements the warm hues of the knit with her makeup. She chose a neutral color palette with matte lips and russet tinted eye shadow.

The outfit is paired with a cute rhinestone choker necklace. It is a simple, yet sparkly accessory that can embellish and enhance the look. Chokers like these can be simple and adaptable to most outfits. Dainty, chunky statements and elastic beauties are some examples of the wide variety of chokers available. Stock up on cute chokers. This trend isn’t going anywhere! Chokers go well in any season and are especially convenient for no hassle morning routines. It’s fast, easy to wear, and looks great even on a rainy day.