WHAT TO WEAR: Rain or Shine

Walking through a college campus has always left me feeling inspired and motivated in finding new and exciting styles for women. But menswear seems to get overlooked. One might assume that the boys around town haven’t given nearly as much thought to their outfits as fellow Fashionistas have, but this Fashionisto proves that this is certainly not the case!

Instead of resorting to the typical university logo hoodie and sweats, this Fashionisto reached for an oversized sweater and he paired it with blue faded jeans Clearly, we aren’t the only ones that love a good oversize sweater. To give the outfit a little more detail, he paired a long necklace, a staple ring and cuffed his jeans about a quarter inch from the bottom. The cuffed jeans gives a casual flair to the look while showcasing his fantastic worn in leather combat boots. Given the fast approaching frigid weather, this whole outfit was complete with a lightweight and versatile rain jacket.

I love that this Fashionisto was not shy in accessorizing his look with a statement ring and long necklace. This outfit was perfect for a rainy day because it’s evident that comfort and function go hand in hand. Plus, I love that his demeanor and “cool kid” essence was captured, so he was able to dominate the look.

Boys, don’t be afraid to accessorize! Accessories can be a great addition to any outfit that consists of basic pieces like jeans and tees, leaving an eclectic vibe without ever coming off feminine.