WHAT TO WEAR: Pulling Into Neutral

Admit it. Crawling out from the comforts of bed has never been easy. It certainly doesn’t help now that we’re transitioning into the solace season that is autumn – making your bed that much more enticing. While you may be running short on time (as we’re all trying to snooze our clocks for that five extra minutes – oh,who are we kidding; you know you’ll be in bed longer than that), getting ready doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling occasion.

The fall season, while it does make getting out of bed harder, also entails the coming of all the things that we love and yearned for in the summer. Fall is all about walking through the leaf-covered campus with a p.s.l in hand and sporting chunky, ‘lax apparel (And looking good? Score!). Tis the season for knits and and casual chic… And we’re showing you how to get your #teamcozy game on!

This Fashionista is making the transition back to school and into the new season beautifully. Whether you’re tackling a full schedule of classes, or simply strolling through campus, this outfit was made for the Fashionista that’s constantly on the go. Pairing a denim jacket with a denim blue jean, this Fashionista showcases her rebellious New York spirit, whilst killing the style game (You go, girl!) 

While making a bold statement with her denim on denim, the rest of her outfit is actually quite subtle. Pairing the outfit with a beige knitted tank and crisp white canvas shoes. The neutral tones in her outfit perfectly complement the assortment of warm hues that come along with the fall season. This Fashionista ties her whole ensemble together with a versatile vegan leather tote bag- a bag that every girl is in need of. After all, who doesn’t need an extra bag that allows you to carelessly throw your heaps of items? I know I certainly need to expand my collection.