WHAT TO WEAR: Prospecting for Plaid

September marks the season of going back to school, and I know there is a mix of emotions that comes along with it. Not only are we all busy with dorm and apartment shopping, but we’re mentally prepping for our new and exciting classes. In addition to all of that, I can relate to the nervous atmosphere of meeting new people and living in new spaces.

So in all this hustling and bustling, I want to invite you all to go street haunting (a pastime recommended by none other than Virginia Wolfe herself!) As the year gets busier, I encourage you all to explore the city you live in and enjoy the atmosphere—take a nice relaxing stroll around the neighborhood or around the busy downtown blocks or even have a photoshoot in the nearby parks with your friends.

To make the experience even more enjoyable, you have got to have the perfect outfit for exploring! My roommate and I actually took a little field trip to a park near downtown Seattle and I had to capture her outfit because it was perfection. In the photos above, she’s sporting a black, cropped tank top with classic, distressed denim shorts; to tie the look together, she added a fun purple flannel (excuse the pun). This outfit was perfect for exploring the park because not only was it comfortable, but she was able to climb all around the structures that Freeway Park is known for like a pro by pairing her look with those timeless white sneakers.

As stress levels rise and excitement boils, don’t forget to take some time and enjoy your surroundings—and even more importantly, don’t forget to do it in style!