WHAT TO WEAR: Presidential Pinstripes

WHAT TO WEAR: Presidential Pinstripes

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be president? Well, I can’t really answer that question for you, but I can offer some expert advice on what to wear to sorority president meetings! Being any kind of leader requires a great deal of poise and confidence. Finding the right outfit can be an easy and helpful confidence booster. If you think you look presidential, then you’ll feel presidential.

This Fashionista is the president of her sorority and is no stranger to commanding a room with her charismatic presence and her fire sense of style. She strives to always present the best version of herself. Today, she is attending a presidents’ meeting which called for a little extra something in the wardrobe department. As you can see, she is wearing a black and white pinstriped romper. The pinstripes add an element of sophistication and make the piece stand out. What I love about rompers is how simple, yet bold, they are. She is only wearing one item of clothing, but that one item speaks for itself without needing much help.

She kept her accessorizing very minimal, demonstrating confidence through simplicity. She is wearing a small, gold elephant necklace and some metallic gold sunglasses–her presidential future is so bright, she has to wear shades. Her gold accents exude class without being too flashy. She finished off her outfit with some cute and comfy tan sandals, mixing style with practicality.

I believe that every strong woman should have one staple item that makes her feel powerful. Hillary has her pantsuits, and this Fashionista has her rompers. Find a bold look, but make sure it doesn’t overpower you. You should wear the clothes, the clothes shouldn’t wear you. Now go out, and rule the world!