WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

December 18th, 2015 at 2:00am

Final projects are in full swing. It seems like everywhere you look on campus, someone is trying to balance a pile of books, a laptop and a Venti from Starbucks. Final projects also mean final presentations. The idea of public speaking can absolutely terrify some people. The thought of your entire class staring at you is nerve racking. Something I’ve always believed, though, is that if you dress well at least they’ll be looking at something fabulous, right? Fashion empowers us, and when you feel empowered your whole body shows it.

For this Fashionista, her use of bright colors and fun prints definitely helped her stand out in the sea of black blazers and plain white button-downs. Eye-catching yet still professional. One of my personal favorite aspects of her outfit was her button-down. From afar it seemed like a regular geometric print; however, it was actually quite an adorable lipstick print. To me it really exemplified this Fashionista’s love of style and beauty as a Fashion Merchandising major. She paired it with a bright statement necklace that perfectly pulled colors from her shirt and the bright cardigan and coat she wore over it. The look was pulled together by some basic neutrals, black jeans and classic sunglasses. Brown heeled ankle booties helped make the top half of her outfit the real centerpiece.  Her heels were the perfect height—tall enough to look empowered and to add length, but not too tall that they looked unmanageable to stand in for a long presentation. This Fashionista clearly looked ready to rock her project.

One Simple Change: Finally done with the presentation that took days of rehearsal? You deserve a celebration! Swap out your cardigan for a cute jacket and your booties for a pair of heels and treat yourself.