WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

November 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

Sweaty palms and a racing heartbeat often accompany many individuals when they are faced with public speaking and presenting to others. Being a business major, presenting has become second nature to me. I have a presentation at least once a week! However, business majors are not the only majors that have to present in front of professors and their class. The majority of people don’t like public speaking and presenting. However, a confident and professional appearance will help make your presentation THAT much better.

This Fashionista is dressed to impress for her latest presentation. She’s looking classy in her black skirt and blazer, accessorized with black pointed heels and a gold watch. She also accessorized her look with a subtle necklace and a business portfolio. If you’re planning on wearing a skirt or dress for your presentation, make sure that it is moderately fitted to your body. You do not want to wear an outfit too form fitting or an outfit too loose, causing you to tug at it, distracting individuals during your presentation.

When you’re presenting, your appearance alone can help boost your morale and give you the confidence you need. Just remember to prepare ahead of time and take deep breaths!

One Simple Change: In order to make the look a little more casual, you can swap the skirt into a pair of jeans and change the blazer to a cardigan. That way, you can head out to meet your friends or have a little more comfort for a more informal presentation.