WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

October 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

Now that we are past syllabus weeks and orientation events, more projects and presentations are on the horizon for many college students. While some professors might not care what you wear for a presentation, many of the professors I’ve had have some pretty specific guidelines on how to dress for a presentation. For a presentation, you want to look presentable and professional. I’ve already had a couple of presentations this semester where I’ve had to dress professionally. There was only one issue. It was too darn hot to wear professional clothing like suit jackets and skirts. All of my professional clothing was too hot and my cooler clothing wasn’t professional enough and I didn’t know what to do. After seeing this Fashionista out and about, my brain was instantly flooded with new outfit ideas because her outfit was just the right balance of professional and weather appropriate.

She started off with a plain black romper with structure in the design. The structure of an item is important for wanting something to be more professional. If it was more of a free flowing design, it wouldn’t work. She then added some neutral sandals and jewelry. The statement piece was a larger pendant, which was a good choice because it didn’t draw too much attention. She styled her hair into a slick backed bun with a headband. I thought this was a great style to go with for the overall look.

While now we’re getting into the cooler months in many areas, a romper might not be the best choice, but the principles of the outfit still stand. The main things I focused on with this Fashionista’s outfit is that you can translate a lot of your casual clothing into professional clothing simply by keeping them structured and in neutral colors.

One Simple Change: Since we are getting into the cooler months in many places, perhaps swap the romper for a jumpsuit for more coverage. Add a blazer over for more warmth while still being stylish and professional.