WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

July 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

What to wear for the presentation has always been a big problem for many people. A suit has always been the top choice for men. However, sometimes suits might be a little bit boring and usually hard to impress. So, today I will recommend an outfit that can also be a choice for presentation. The goal is to let the look impress people before presenting.

The whole look from this Fashionista could be considered as a choice for a presentation. She chose a blue sleeveless draped dress, which was both elegant and classy. The dress is a good choice for office wear, too. The orange belt she added on her waist was a very smart choice. The belt itself added formalness to the dress and provided the Fashionista the perfect body proportion while the color of the belt strongly contrasts with the blue of the dress. This made the whole outfit lively and interesting.

Another shining point of her outfit is the shiny sliver sandals on her feet. They are not dramatic, but still draw your attention. Take a close look at her; you would find that her toenails are painted black, which creates a punk style with the sliver sandals. On the contrast, her fingernails are pink, which adds femininity and cuteness to the overall dark outfit. Her white handbag is both elegant and feminine, too. The red on her lip shows that she is confident and ready to impress you with the perfect presentation.

I think this Fashionista’s outfit is both classy and full of surprises. Her dress is classy style, while her nails and her shoes are in contrast with the dress; thus, creating the impressive outcome and avoiding too much drama. If you want to impress people with your look without being too unconventional in a presentation, focusing on the use of accessories and details would be a good choice.

One Simple Change: Just add a blazer to the look and you are set for tomorrow’s interview.