WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

As the semester is beginning to end, you probably have to deal with a handful of assignments, projects and presentations. How you present yourself is the first step in succeeding. What you wear can reflect your attitude, confidence and knowledge of the subject, just by the first impression during presentations.

With college throwing curveballs at us, you may have not planned to be ready for the last-minute assignment. You may not want to come off too strong with open toe heels. At the same time, you do not want to be that person wearing jeans, a T-shirt and Converse to present your biggest assignment yet.

This Fashionista exemplifies a great outfit for a presentation. She is wearing a darker shade of green in her button-down blouse, which is perfect and subtle. Paired with a cinched three-quarter sleeve Herringbone blazer, the combination allows for your audience to focus more on your work and your speech. It maintains the sophistication with that stylish edge.

She pairs dark skinny jeans and adds a personal flair of color: her red wedges. A pop of color that is a complementary color can certainly make you look and feel your best! Opting for a wedge over a heel allows for the comfort of walking to and from classes without worrying about the uneven terrain.

One Simple Change: Trade out those dark skinnys and instead, pair with dark slacks to give yourself a more professional look in an interview environment. A little change can make a difference in professionalism and help you succeed in the interview!