WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Presentation time is inevitable in our lectures, especially for those students who are majoring in Communications. The first impression you give the audience is as important as the concepts of your speech, so having a perfect outfit for the presentation is one of the essential steps of preparation.

This Fashionisto wears a white shirt and a black coat, with a mix of fur and leather. On the bottom, he wears a black skinny jean that fit his legs well. Black color is a smart choice for this relatively formal occasion, because too much color can make your presentation too casual, and those colors might attract audience’s attention too easily. The highlight of the outfit is his red leopard print sneakers. The classic print and the red color of the shoes make the whole outfit look chic and unique. Because we are talking about a presentation held during class, it can be too formal to wear suit and tie.

In addition, I like how he style his trendy Alexander Wang black leather backpack. The soft leather creates a large volume for the Fashionisto’s school stuff. There is no extra pattern or color to accessorize the backpack, but simpler is better for a chic look. The backpack fit into his outfit effortlessly. It can go with any outfit easily because the black color and the delicate design.

One Simple Change: If there is a party at night and not enough time for you to prepare, changing the outerwear to a leather jacket would work perfectly.