What to Wear: Presentation

So, it’s finally here: the dreaded week of midterms, papers and of course, presentations. Everybody seems to be running around everywhere at all times and living on coffee. Plus, the weather probably isn’t absolutely ideal, and you might have to swap your favorite shoes for a pair of snowboots. So what’s a girl to do to look stylish for her presentation while keeping warm on the walk to class?

This Fashionista sports the perfect presentation-ready outfit for a cold, winter semester. Not only will it get the attention of the cutie in your class, but also help you get an A on your presentation. It features a soft and feminine skater dress in a jewel tone. The delicate pleating and rucheing are eye-catching, without being too overwhelming. Not to mention that the dress can be worn in a variety of different ways, depending on the situation. It’s flirty and practical, without being too stuffy for a business casual presentation.

Her fun, patterned pumps really add a visual element to her outfit. By selecting a pair of shoes that are comfortable and chic, you really hit two birds with one stone. With the icy sidewalks and slush around campus, you can beat the winter blues and step out in style. Since it’s the middle of winter, it’s always a smart idea to wear tights under your dress for warmth. Not to mention that when it comes to dressing for presentations, modesty is a fair policy. Throw on a structured coat, and you’ll be sure to look smart and stylish!

One Simple Change: So it’s the day of your presentation, and you wake up to see that all of the sidewalks on campus are covered in ice. No worries, forego the patterned pumps for a pair of riding boots. You’ll look just as stylish, and it might make the commute to class a little less slippery and a bit warmer in the cold weather.