WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

You wake up wanting to throw on your favorite pair of leggings, T-shirt or sweater, scarf and boots just like you do everyday; however, you quickly realize that today your go-to outfit might not be totally acceptable. While most presentations don’t require you to dress to the nines, looking presentable plays a large part in both confidence and success.

This Fashionista is picture perfect proof that looking put together doesn’t necessarily have to mean getting decked out in formal attire. She chose to wear a basic striped shirt with a black bodycon skirt, black boots and tights. She then completed her look with a camouflage-printed jacket. The balance of her tight-fitting dress and loose, casual jacket created a look that was casual, yet put together, making it perfect for presenting. The decision to pair a traditionally more casual piece with an otherwise dressy look made this Fashionista appear effortless ready to conquer any presentation with ease and finesse while avoiding the “trying too hard” look.

It doesn’t take much to get presentation primped, I promise. The next time you have a presentation coming up grab some inspiration from this Fashionista. Lay your outfit out the night before and choose something that makes you look and feel confident and, of course, fabulous. By choosing an outfit that makes you look good and feel good about yourself you’ll radiate success and not only feel better, but you’re also almost guaranteed to do better.

One Simple Change: Make this outfit internship appropriate and swap the military-inspired jacket for a blazer or a cardigan. Both pieces are classy wardrobe must-haves that instantly dress up almost any outfit. Throw one on and voilà—you’re ready to show your internship who’s boss!