WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

First major presentation of the semester and you’re mind is racing think about what to wear, what if you mess up or embarrass yourself. When so many “what if’s” are going through your mind it’s hard to focus on doing your best. When giving a presentation comfort and confidence is key. You need to exude a great personality to let your audience know that you know what you’re talking about. One way to convey that is through the outfit you choose to wear.

Giving a presentation or speech in class can be nerve wracking even without stressing over what you’re going to wear. This dapper Fashionisto is dressed for success. Not only is this outfit fashionable but it’s also college budget friendly. You might even already have some similar pieces in your closet! He paired some dark blue H&M chino pants with a red and blue button-down from American Eagle. For some more pizzazz, a light blue tie from Target and shoes (which were on point if I do say so myself) from Kohl’s were added.

This outfit is perfect for a class presentation because it’s not too dressy but it’s definitely not too casual. It’s that perfect medium between “I’m chill” and “I want to feel confident and capable”. This Fashionisto’s ensemble works when it’s put altogether because the colors of all the pieces are cohesive. The blue in the shirt and pants work together and the red adds a pop of extra color. The light blue of the tie keeps the look from being too one dimensional and the shoes contribute that additional individual fashion flare.

One Simple Change: This look can easily be converted to evening wear by getting rid of the tie, unbuttoning the shirt a bit and adding a pair of dark wash jeans. The result is something comfortable yet good looking that will surely be a great choice for the party you’re going to.