WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

So you are totally acing your business class at the moment, but to gain extra brownie points, you know you have to do a fantastic job on your upcoming presentation. What many people do not know is that part of the appeal of a great presentation is how the presenter is dressed. You should always dress to impress and today’s Fashionista knows exactly how to do that.

This Fashionista sports the perfect ensemble for giving a presentation. From her sophisticated, yet trendy jacket to her black leggings and boots, this attire screams fashionable and professional. Not only do the leggings, boots and jacket all go perfectly together to create a sophisticated outfit, but the pop of color from the pink blouse is sure to make this Fashionista stand out among her peers when she is presenting in class or for her job. The black boots and leggings are slimming while her statement necklaces add a splash of sparkle that shows that she is both trendy and ready to work.

By opting for a boot over a heel, this Fashionista is ready to transition from presentation mode to getting coffee with her girlfriends after class without skipping a beat. The black leggings and black boots are perfect for professionalism and keeping it casual afterward by simply throwing on a jacket for the winter.

One Simple Change: If it is extra cold outside like it is in Syracuse, beat the cold weather in this outfit by adding on a parka.You can still add a little sparkle with extra jewelry flair such as bangles that will be seen even with the parka on.