WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

It’s the middle of the semester and you have a huge presentation coming up. It’s almost 40 minutes long—wow, that’s a lot of talking. You know you are going to get nervous; you might get a little shaky and there will definitely be a lot of sweating going on. You have to look professional, but blazers are restricting, collared shirts can be suffocating and the only dress pants you own are from your teen years (can you say floods?). So, how you can be both classy and comfortable?

This Fashionista knows exactly what to wear to impress a crowd. She dresses up a monochromatic ensemble by wearing bold accessories. Her tortoise shell glasses create a professional look. The bold, chunky necklace adds texture to the look, as well as gold tones. Black skinny jeggings can be easily dressed up or down. By pairing the pants with booties and a blazer, it takes the comfortable, stretchy appeal to a new level.

If nerves set in during a presentation, it’s easy to get clammy, sweaty and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is a necessity to dress for both comfort and class. Wearing a sleeveless, chiffon dress shirt, this Fashionista can move freely. The jeggings add to the comfort and allow for easy movement. This way, she can talk and move freely without any sweaty, uncomfortable mess. The boyfriend blazer is only slightly different from a regular blazer. It is looser and longer fitting, but still looks elegant and is perfect for days like presentation day.

To finish off her look, this Fashionista wears a large tote bag. Of course, Louis Vuitton adds class to any look. However, any large tote bag would be perfect for this occasion. The bag will give you enough space to fit everything you need for your big day. It also will have enough room for you to store any extra layers you don’t need.

Take pointers from this Fashionista if you want to be professional and classy but still comfortable, giving you that extra boost to ace your presentation!

One simple Change: Even if you don’t have a presentation, you still have to go to class! Try switching out the dressy jeggings for boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend blazers are always a good idea and by wearing one with jeans, you can look both casual and classy.