WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Even though we are only a couple weeks into the semester, some college students have already had to do a class presentation or will do one in the next few weeks. It may be a handful of days away, but don’t wait until the morning of to figure out what to wear. Instead, take a look at this week’s Fashionisto.

This week’s Fashionisto caught my attention with his elegant and polished look. It’s quite an interesting outfit when you take a closer look. The ensemble has an overall monochromatic look of blue/dark tones. There is also a play on prints at work with the light blue gingham button-down and the polka-dot navy sweater vest. The mismatched patterns coordinate well because they are within the same color family and not a crazy ’80s mixture of color. He also wears black pants and shoes to finish the look, as well as a pair of black frame glasses.

Looking elegant on the day of your presentation not only makes you look polished and put together, but looking presentable will also give you a boost of self-confidence and reassurance that you’re ready to tackle the presentation. Plus, I’m sure the ladies on campus won’t mind.

One Simple Change: If a more formal occasion arises, take this same outfit and add a tie (tucked inside the vest of course) and add a jacket on top. You can also add a heavier coat and scarf for cold weather.