WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Nobody ever really knows what to wear for presentations. Do you go for business casual or something more laid back so your peers don’t think you’re taking it too seriously? This Fashionista looked absolutely perfect for her’s. Even though it is January in Wilmington, the beautiful day allowed her to wear a maxi dress, complemented by some very lovely accessories.

Dresses like the one spotted on our Fashionista are the perfect way to look lovely during the chillier months without looking dressed for the beach. It is easy to pair maxis like these with a cardigan or zip-up sweater to account for the temperature. Scarves have the same benefit, warming you up without being too bulky and adding flair and excitement to the outfit as well!

Maybe I’m impartial because I am absolutely a “shoe girl,” but I adore these little booties! For this long dress, boots may have been too harsh, and it is positively too cold for sandals. These cute buckled shoes give the Fashionista a little height, something everybody can use (especially during a nerve-racking presentation!) They can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit and occasion. Now, they are available nearly everywhere in a variety of heights.

One Simple Change: With an outfit that can rock a huge lecture hall and can receive admirable looks from all around campus, it is easy to wear it on many other occasions. If this Fashionista is on the way to an internship or interview, a quick swap from a cardigan to a blazer can make a huge difference. With a little more polish and a pop of color, a blazer develops the look further, making it clear to everybody: you’re going to conquer the day.