WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

So, you’re searching through your closet and trying to decide what business casual even means. The word business scares you away from half the clothing you usually gravitate towards. But the other half seems just a dash too dressy. What is a girl to do?

Business casual can mean different things for different occasions. For an interview or a work-related matter, it never hurts to dress it up and play it safe. But this Fashionista nailed the perfect look for a school-related function. When presenting to a class, you want to be both confident and comfortable. It is okay to pull out your favorite jeans, just be sure to follow a few friendly guidelines. As shown here, her jeans are a great example of acceptable attire with no rips or fading. When in doubt, stick to dark wash denim.

This Fashionista’s blazer adds the desired professional look that takes this outfit to the next level. The way she cuffs the sleeves allows the look to appear functional and fresh. The black and white tank keeps her look calm and classic, adding texture while sticking to a basic color palette.

Her black, closed-toe booties pump up her look while keeping it professional. Heels naturally accentuate any Fashionista’s legs, making them appear longer and leaner. With this style secret, she can stand up fearlessly in front of the class.

The black and white color scheme is a classic, but don’t be afraid to add your own personal flare with subtle accessories. This Fashionista stayed simple with her pearl necklace, multicolored pearl bracelet and silver bangle. But she added a fun pop of color with her pretty-in-pink lip stain. Plus, her tan tote is both fabulous and efficient. This savvy student can fit all the supplies she needs to successfully prepare for her presentation.

One Simple Change: Ready to take your look from classroom confident to street style glam? Ditch your tote and grab an oversized clutch, preferably in a fun shade! With nothing to weigh you down, you effortlessly can strut your stuff.