WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

As the winter break comes to an end, the busy college life starts again. A lot of students have to do a lot of things at once. Some students have to give presentations in classes and for other outside purposes. Some classes do not require you to wear certain clothing when you present and some do. Even if it is not required, dressing up is never a bad thing and it gives you a boost of confidence when you give a presentation. Dressing nice for a presentation gives the impression that you care about the class, and it makes people take you and your presentation more seriously.

This particular outfit it is perfect when you have a presentation. The colors of the outfit are very settled and toned down. A lot for students want to dress up for their presentations, but they do not want to draw a lot of attention to themselves since they might have other classes during the day.The brown color of the sweater gives the whole outfit a level of seriousness. The dark color can be sometimes be overwhelming so, in this case, the sweater is paired with a peach-colored camisole that gives life to the whole outfit. It really softens the look, and it is that piece that really reflects and changes the whole outfit. I also love the scarf because not only does it brighten the whole outfit, but it also contrasts with the brown sweater. It makes both of the items stand out more as individual pieces. So if you want to make an impression in your presentation, this is the way to do it.

One Simple Change: If you would wear jeans with this outfit, then the outfit would also be appropriate for other occasions that are more casual like going to class.