WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

As college students, there aren’t too many things that we despise more than presentations. Planning and preparing to talk in front of our peers can be such a tedious task, and dressing for them can make them so much even more dull. It is easy to wear a pair of flared dress pants with a black blazer and call it a day. However, this Fashionista proves just how fabulous dressing for a presentation can be. She made dressing to impress exciting and a bit more personalized as she channels her inner Kim Kardashian in her footwear.

This Fashionista sticks with neutral colors, which is also perfect for an interview. She wears a black blouse with zipper details and black dress pants; this makes her look chic yet modest.

When this Fashionista stepped in front of the class to present, it was hard to not notice her shoes. The studded pumps made such a simple statement. I was impressed with the risk she took by wearing them, but she took the chance and stunned it.

While dressing for a presentation, you don’t want to have an outfit that is so flashy it becomes overwhelming to your audience. Keep your outfit simple with your color scheme and accessories. If you do want to make it more personalized, choose one part of your outfit to make your own, like this Fashionista did with her shoes.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit a bit more of my own style, I would wear a pair of nude pointed flats and a nude statement necklace; still so simple and chic.