Three months.

That is how much time I have left until I am a college graduate. With the inevitability of professional life just around the corner, my recent goal has been to acquire an accompanying wardrobe: one that says, “In 5 years, I am going to own this place”. To me, a professional wardrobe is clean and polished. It is tailored not only to fit your physical person, but also to fit your field.

When I tried to find inspiration for a professional wardrobe, this Fashionista immediately came to mind. Over the years, I saw her evolve from a college student to a career woman as she began her professional sequence for music education at Florida State University. For those of you who do not know, the professional sequence is a series of classes designed to prepare you for your teaching internship (which is completed in the final semester) and for your post-grad career as a music educator. It was during this time that I noticed a change in this Fashionista’s wardrobe. She knew that there was a different level of professionalism expected from her as she got further into her college career, so she adjusted accordingly.

Her professional style is enviable. She has found the perfect combination of style and sophistication (please, teach us your ways). By wearing black pants and black leather booties, she creates a sense of formality. In Western culture, black clothing is seen as more serious, more proper; a societal norm which can be traced back to Victorian England “black tie”. This Fashionista reminds us that color can be proper as well. Her olive green blouse and floral scarf add the perfect amount of personality to her ensemble. From head to toe, it is clear that she expects to be taken seriously and that she is not willing to sacrifice her sense of self to fit a dress code.

Now, the career bag. Ideally, you need something that can carry everything you need for the day. As a music teacher, she needs something that can hold books/music scores and is more aesthetically pleasing than a backpack. For this Fashionista, a maroon tote bag is her bag of choice. Let’s face it: unless you are a professional backpacker, ditch the knapsack. Our employers do not need any superfluous reminders that we are fresh out of school. I am sure our overall aura of “What the heck am I doing” is enough!

We have all heard the saying that you should dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have, correct? Well, this Fashionista is the embodiment of that saying. As a student, she is already dressing for her profession and I encourage you all to do the same. Now—go out there and become employed!

Best of luck, class of 2017.