WHAT TO WEAR: Playing With Plaids

WHAT TO WEAR: Playing With Plaids

It’s no surprise that plaids are back this season for obvious reasons. One of them being how versatile they are to style and the different functionalities they possess. Since most of us are now back in school mode, sometimes we don’t always have the time to figure out what to wear (especially if you have an early morning class). On the other hand, some of us throw on whatever’s most comfortable and pull it off incredibly. If you fall under that category, you have my full respect.

For guys, comfort triumphs over style—BIG time. This Fashionisto wasn’t an exception to this rule, either. “I wear basic pieces that I can style at any time without thinking about it too much,” chuckled the Fashionisto from University of Central Florida. As an avid gamer and coder, he wanted his personal style to reflect some of his passions. “I love wearing plaids. In fact, [most] of my shirts have plaids and you can thank Steve Urkel for that,” he added.

As fall quickly approaches, plaids are also a great way to transition your wardrobe into the cooler months. Long sleeve plaids give you the ability to wear it either tied around your waist, on its own or as a “jacket” over a plain T-shirt. If you’re worried about looking too dressed up for school, style your look with a pair of loose-fitted chinos, roll them up and finish the look with a pair of Converse of your choice.

Don’t sweat the accessories. Style your outfit without them, and if you still think your look needs a little more, pair it with a watch!