WHAT TO WEAR: Playing Tennis in Plaid?

The first “transitioning into fall” look of the semester! This Fashionisto always dresses to impress and this is clearly one of the best, especially for the first day of school. As anyone from the midwest knows, fall weather is all over the place. It can be cold in the morning, blazing hot in the afternoon, then thunder storming in the evening, so it’s essential to be prepared for anything. Not only is it perfect for school, but also Sunday brunch, a date night out or going somewhere special.

He did an awesome job matching styles between classic navy shorts and a plaid shirt, and his trendy style of shirt and adidas shoes. This lounge dress shirt is a light, soft texture perfect for beating the strong summer rays, but also warm enough for cool lecture halls or a brisk morning walk to school. The shorts can go with basically any top, and match the shoes perfectly. His shoes are what caught my eye because how he paired them with the rest of the outfit was unexpected, but it worked. Fashion is all about risk. These Stan Smith adidas tennis shoes originally came out in the early 1960’s and were the first leather athletic style shoe, but worn solely for the sport of tennis. Now, 53 years later, they are back in style as the fourth greatest tennis shoe of all time! These can be worn with anything from joggers and a T-shirt, to slim dress pants and a fitted cotton shirt or even a more preppy outfit gone trendy like this one here. So show off a cool pair of white shoes with the comfiest shirt you have because it may turn out to be as cool as this one here.

To me, mixing styles and popular trends is such an exciting thing to do because most people would stick to the “rules” or just what they see other people doing. However, what is so fantastic about fashion is that you can do anything you want to create your personal style, and isn’t life about creating yourself to be the person you want to be?