WHAT TO WEAR: Playful in Fall

The temperatures in Salt Lake have been nice and warm these past few weeks, and even with the impending winter we are still donning bare legs and trendy shirts. The sweater weather may have seemed inevitable, but we are still holding strong and, more importantly, still being playful.

There is always a doom and gloom that comes to campus when we have a week straight of no sun and slush for snow, so we are enjoying this extra little freedom of fall. This Fashionista brought out her most playful and versatile outfit, stating this outfit has gotten me through “a day of work meetings, classes, and this photo shoot.” When you are a Fashionista on-the-go, it’s important to be able to put your best foot forward no matter the occasion. The best part about this outfit is the red suede ankle boots that provide a little bit more playfulness to the ensemble. It’s always a bonus when you can brighten your own day with a little uniqueness and fun.

Since snow is on the way, it’s time to make the most of ankle boots and skirts. This outfit is perfect for the season transition because you can warm it up with tights and a scarf. One of the best ways to cozy up this outfit is with a neutral blanket scarf; it can be worn around your neck or shoulders. Do you have a go-to transitional outfit that gets you through these in between months?