WHAT TO WEAR: Parent's Weekend

July 27th, 2016 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Parent's Weekend

Summertime means that most college students are home a lot more than they were during the school year. For many Fashionista’s this means spending more time with their parents. Whether it is family vacation, a day trip or simply going out to dinner with your parents, all Fashionista’s want to look fashionable, yet appropriate. Maxi skirts, button-up dresses and pastel colors are examples of some ideal options for a weekend with the rents.

This Fashionista is rocking a collared button-up dress from Express. Express is the perfect retail store with reasonably priced, parent appropriate options (along with a variety of options for other events.) This dress is also the perfect blend of colors, being pale pink with neon pink seams. The color is not overly bold, yet the pop of a brighter pink tone adds spunk to the outfit. This Fashionista’s topknot bun and circular sunglasses keep her cool in the summer sun and also looks adorable with her ensemble. Her lace-up sandals with a mini heel are versatile and can be worn for a multitude of occasions from parents weekend to a night out.

One Simple Change: When summer comes to an end and it is time for this Fashionista to return to college, she can switch out her sandals for black flats and throw on a denim jacket for the back to school season.