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WHAT TO WEAR: Parent’s Weekend

March 8th, 2016 at 2:06am

So your parents are in town for a few days and you need an outfit to trick them into believing that you are indeed the hard working, put together and successful young lady they raised you to be. Normally you would be wearing sweatpants or pajama bottoms all weekend, but on this occasion that simply won’t do. You’re going to have to pull out all of the stops to show your parents just how great you are at taking care of yourself.

What better way to impress your parents and all of the other parents visiting for the weekend than to dress as if you were going to a job or internship. That way you can rest assured that you look like a successful, motivated adult even if that’s exactly the opposite of how you’re feeling. Don’t worry friends, this is a very common sentiment among college students; you’re not alone. This Fashionista models a perfect example of something to wear to an internship. Her gray tapered trousers paired along with a silky white tank top radiate style and composure. Along with that, her black jacket that mixes both faux fur and leather adds a cool and fashionable addition to the outfit. The lace-up flats that have been spotted everywhere this winter season are sophisticated yet ultra stylish and complement the outfit very nicely. Lastly, a set of pearl earrings top off the look with yet another touch of class. With an outfit like this, what parent wouldn’t be impressed by you?

One Simple Change: When the parents leave and it’s back to the normal college debauchery, it’s time to switch up the outfit as well. To take the look from day to night, exchange the trousers for a black mini skirt and the flats for some heeled booties. For accessories add a clutch and a cool pair of dangly earrings and you’re ready to hit the town.