WHAT TO WEAR: Parent's Weekend

How to spend the weekend with my parents has always been a major worry for me. I have always wanted to schedule something special during Parent’s Weekend. As I become more and more mature, I know that I would have less time with my parents, so I always treasure Parent’s Weekend a lot. One day, when I expressed my feelings to my mom, she told me that she would miss the past a lot. She said she would sometimes think about going back to the time when I was a little girl. Maybe I can never go back in time, but I can recreate a childhood look. So, today I am going to recommend an outfit that can bring you back to childhood.

The Fashionista’s outfit is a great example of a “childhood look.” She wore a pink, puff-sleeved blouse with an A-line dress that had multicolor polka dots. Pink was the sweetest and the most innocent color while puff sleeves also added cuteness to the blouse. I found a similar puff-sleeved blouse with a cat collar, which was also cute and even more special. The A-line dress has always been on trend; it is both classic and chic, and feminine and cute. The multicolor polka dots on the dress made the dress even cuter. The dots on the navy background also looked like the starry nights that I used to see with my parents when I was a kid.

The Fashionista finished her look with a black mini backpack and a pair of golden sandals. As I mentioned in my pervious post, the mini backpack is quite a useful item in the summer. In this context, mini backpack also remind me of the time when I carried my little backpack to school.

Let’s dress as cute as this Fashionista and spend a “childhood weekend” with your parents. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring a big smile with you just like this Fashionista.

One Simple Change: Wear a cool crop tank top instead of the blouse; you can enjoy your night out with your friends after a happy weekend with your parents.