WHAT TO WEAR: Parent's Weekend

At a university like Penn State, there aren’t many neighboring populous towns within at least a two-hour radius. Going to a school that is essentially in the middle of nowhere calls for big visits from parents, relatives, friends and loved ones whenever they are willing to make the journey out to Happy Valley. Penn State even has its own officially dubbed Parent’s Weekend for when these visitors decide to come and check out what life is like on campus.

Usually, students are hustling about campus in sweats, gym attire or Penn State clothing from head to toe. With parents or relatives coming for a visit, you definitely want to step up your look to show them how you’ve remained on top of your game even when you’ve been away.

With numerous Parent’s Weekends coming up this semester, this well-dressed Fashionisto caught my eye during PSU’s last Parent’s Weekend. As he passed me in front of his dorm building, his wool coat was the first thing to grab at my attention. Beautifully worn and colored, the peacoat looked both sophisticated and simple over his cuffed blue jeans. He matched it with another wool maroon button-up, which he layered over a simple chambray button-up. He shared that he was about to meet his parents for a quick lunch downtown and he wanted to dress up slightly to impress them since it was their first time seeing him since the semester had begun.

One Simple Change: Have a presentation next week? Ditch the jeans for a pair of chinos. Chinos are more business than casual and definitely take your look to another level for more formal occasions.