WHAT TO WEAR: Outfits Off Campus

Over the winter break, I was out with my friends in Red Bank, New Jersey. It is a quaint little town that is really sharp. Growing up in Northern New Jersey, this town is completely different from my own town. I live in a much rural area, so this was a real breath of fresh air for me–trendy restaurants, stand-alone clothing stores, and beautiful architecture along the streets. On these cold winter days, I was bundled up from head to toe while we were outside. Everyone knows it is hard to look fashionable when it is freezing. But while I was walking along the street, an outfit caught my eye.

The outfit was casual but still on trend. As I said before, the struggle of winter is to always try and stay warm throughout the body. This Fashionista let me study her look and really get a feel of what she was going for. I was amazed how she took pieces that normally don’t go together and made it work.

Starting with the obvious, layering is key. The red, black, and gray flannel and black bomber jacket show a pop of color while still keeping warm with the more clothing she added to the outfit. Then she took a spaghetti strapped burnt orange lace slip dress and tucked it into her high-waisted black denim, with rips in the knees–finishing it with SOREL Duck Boots, and a gray beanie. Even though there are multiple colors, patterns, and textures going on, it works and flows nicely.

I am cheerful to know that Fashionistas dare to step outside of the norm, and can be bold in every season. It inspires me to dress up whether it is below freezing or a heat wave. I think some people can get stuck in dressing dull in the winter time because of the low temperatures but it that is not always the case. If you are passionate on the way you dress, you can find ways to be a Fashionista all year round.