WHAT TO WEAR: Out and About

We have been seeing a lot of rain in Kentucky, which makes me want to bundle up in a cozy blanket with a hot cup of coffee, but with the semester starting, my days of rest and relaxation seem like a dream. When I don’t have class, I always find myself running here and there just trying to get things done. Having a go-to outfit that I can run errands in is essential. There are so many simple ways to style an outfit that has great versatility and is also comfortable. By starting out with a few staple pieces, you can create a look that fits who you are and serves its purpose for whatever you have going on that day.

This Fashionista loves to keep her edgy look even during the day and adds a pop of color to make a rainy day, brighter. By starting out with this chic black leather jacket, she then adds a black and white striped shirt with it and continues to stay simple with black denim. For accessories, she includes a suede choker and this yellow Kate Spade clutch, so she feels right at home in the city. Wanting to change it up? There are so many ways to also make this look your own! Decide between a sneaker or an ankle boot depending on what fits your style best but remember, comfort is key so make sure you are picking items that are able to last you hours out on the town.

Keep on going Fashionistas/os!