WHAT TO WEAR: Ohio Winter

Ohio winters seem to be becoming more and more of a battle every year. Who wants to get out of bed when there is sometimes several feet of snow on the ground? With windshields to defrost and snow to shovel, it’s hard to even imagine a fashionable outfit. It’s days like this that make me seriously question why I didn’t find a school to attend in Florida. However, for this Style Guru, Ohio winters are nothing compared to her home state of Maine. If there is anyone I’m taking advice from on cold weather dressing, it’s this little lady.

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly trying to stretch the lifespan of my clothes and make them work for more than one season. I think that’s why this Style Guru’s outfit is so interesting to me. She is wearing one of my fall favorites, the olive military dress, but she pairs it with black skinny jeans to wear it more as a tunic top. You could easily recreate this look with fleece lined leggings or opaque tights if you’re getting a little more dressed up. Warmth is definitely achieved in layers, so adding a navy trench coat is a must. And, like any Maine girl must, she knows a thing or two about cold weather accessories. Lace up boots keep your jeans tucked in nicely and allow for a pair of thick wool socks. She also wears an oversize blanket scarf that could probably double as a survival tool. Finally, she pulls all the colors of her outfit together with a fun pair of knit mittens. This Style Guru has me convinced that winter dressing might not be all that bad, that is until the next snowstorm hits!