WHAT TO WEAR: Off Season Weather

Every winter, we experience a handful of unusually warm days.Warm winter days are the toughest. It is brick cold in the morning, but you may need to hold your puffy coat in your hand by lunch. The degrees may be high, but there is briskness to the wind. Most important, no matter how warm it may be in January, your fashion conscience reminds you that it is indeed, still January. So where do we go from here? The key is layering. By layering winter items and incorporating transitional pieces, you can create a warm, comfortable, and fashionably appropriate outfit.

This Fashionisto took on the age old Canadian tuxedo and created his own spin to it. The jean jacket is a universal piece. It is light, versatile, and roomy, but lacks warmth. On a day that the temperature surpasses 60 degrees, it is the perfect pick.The turtle neck is an essential item for the winter weather. Turtlenecks allow for total upper body warmth and also adds a unique shape to your neckline and profile. In the featured outfit, this Fashionisto is wearing a thick, camel-colored turtleneck. The thickness of the turtleneck is not the only reason why it is the perfect under layer of the denim jacket. Take into consideration the color. Neutral tones are very appropriate for the cold weather. In the winter season, designers usually go for these tones when creating staple pieces, such as this one. Neutral tones are also great  for transitional weather.

Chelsea boots are very popular during the fall/winter seasons. They are lightly constructed and provide endurance during the cold. Chelsea boots also do a great job at maintaining warmth for the toes. The cherry-red color of the boots compliment the camel tone of the turtleneck. To add a flair of even more personal style, this Fashionisto accessorizes with clear glasses. And there you have it: how to fashionably survive this winter, even during the trickiest forecasts!