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As many of my fellow New Yorkers know, the weather has been changeable lately (and that is an understatement). In combination with the recent snow storms, we have been getting a few days of higher temperatures and gorgeous sunshine. I try to take advantage of these warmer days and spend time at my school’s NYC campus. Here I come across one too many Fashionistas that I have to stop along the way.

This featured Fashionista wore, what she called, her “day off, but still have a lot of errands to run” outfit. It’s simple, yet so chic. She started off her outfit with a plain white tank top, which she admitted she had slept in the night before. Can you really tell with that gorgeous wool coat she paired with it? I couldn’t. And when it comes to college, I know quite a few of us who are guilty of incorporating our pajamas into the next day’s outfit. The featured wool coat was surprisingly lightweight and super comfortable. It wasn’t fitted, but it hung just right on her.

When the weather is warming up, but it’s not yet warm enough to wear shorts, ripped jeans are the perfect substitute. It isn’t easy to find ripped jeans that have just enough shreds. This Fashionista managed to find just the right pair.

To finish it off, on her feet she wore brown combat boots, which are a staple item to have in your closet. These boots can be dressed up or dressed down. This Fashionista even managed to give us a tip: the more you wear them and the more distressed they become, the better they look.

As you can see, not all “day off, but still have a lot of errands to run” outfits have to include sweatpants. This outfit was just as comfortable yet still super fashionable. What does your “day off” outfit look like?