WHAT TO WEAR: Nothing But Neutral

The realization that summer is actually over is sad for everyone. You have to put all of those cute off-the-shoulder tops, denim shorts and sandals in the back of your closet until next spring or summer. However, pulling out all of your jackets, sweaters and boots from hiding almost makes the end of summer a little easier. Now that fall is finally here, we can wear all black and neutral outfits without looking crazy.

Personally, fall is my favorite season for street style. The weather gives you the perfect excuse to pull out all of your cute jackets and sweaters but still allows you to rock some of your favorite warm weather clothing. The accessories for fall, like hats and scarves, are also great. As the days begin to get darker, so does our wardrobe. As fall creeps into winter, it becomes more and more acceptable to start wearing nothing but neutrals.

One rule I love breaking is wearing white or light wash denim into fall instead of shoving it to the back of the closet with the rest of our summer clothes. This Fashionista feels the same and pairs her light wash denim with a bomber jacket. She adds another fall trend by pairing the light denim with some black, velvet booties. She finishes off the look with a pair of big sunglasses and a backpack. The gold on the zipper of her bomber matches the hardware on her backpack and effortlessly ties her look together. Her outfit brings summer and fall pieces together, making it perfect for fall in California.