WHAT TO WEAR: New Year’s Eve

Hey there! It’s finally time to say goodbye to the dreadful year that 2016 was and have open arms for 2017. Let’s all hope things go a bit more smoothly in the new year. Honestly, let’s just forget 2016 ever happened. We’re moving on to brighter and greater things.

The new year is often time for resolutions. Whether you may set some or not, it’s a good time to try something new or maybe do less of something else. While the day is a bit arbitrary to start bettering yourself, if the idea of a new year is the push and shove you need to get going, then all the more power to you.

Now on to the fashion. New Year’s Eve parties are often bursting with silver and gold and glitter. If you’re having trouble with what to wear to your new year’s party, or aren’t into all the glittery gimmicks, fret no more. The easiest and often very effective route is to wear an all black outfit. Since it is currently winter break, this Fashionista here kindly displayed her outfit for the night. She went with the all-black attire and spiced things up with no lack of faux leather. The perforated leather on the shoulders of her top (Urban Outfitters) pairs seamlessly with the leather skirt (Loft). She paired the look with some chunky. black shoes and a dainty silver key necklace.

Let’s hope that 2017 brings plenty of goodness and joy and plenty of chances to rock an outfit just like this. Best of luck with those resolutions!