WHAT TO WEAR: New Year, Same Style

January 17th, 2017 at 2:00am

Brrrrr! Winter is getting quite cold, but what’s better than bundling up and looking cute doing it. As winter creeps in, you may lose motivation, but don’t lose your style. It is the perfect time for making New Year’s resolutions, new friends, and buying new clothes.

This Fashionista covered all the winter essentials in a stylish way. The basic army green winter coat has been a trend for a couple seasons now but always matches nicely with a multitude of outfits. It was paired with a maroon turtleneck for some contrast. While many think it’s too cold for ripped jeans in the winter; that is definitely not the case. Light wash ripped jeans add a little edge to the outfit. This Fashionista snagged these jeans at a local thrift shop. She added her own style to them by creating rips in the knees and one at her thigh. You can even add tights underneath to add some flare and warmth. While finding the perfect pair of shoes for the winter, this Fashionista chose classic Timberlands. They are very versatile and warm. Timberlands match with your favorite ripped jeans or a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt.

To sum up your winter look, add a stated backpack and a simple watch. This Coach backpack was handed down to this Fashionista from her mother, making it all the more special. It is perfect for your winter travels or even a day out on the town. The stated green color sure makes it a conversation piece. All in all, you don’t have to dress drab in the winter just because it’s cold. Grab your favorite winter pieces and stay stylish through the colder months!