WHAT TO WEAR: Neutrals in the Spring

The end of the school year is when you start to see everyone dragging by because they are just ready for the semester to end and for summer to start. In mid-April, around this time, when the weather often tends to get nicer or switches quite often and it begins to get hot outside, you have to really watch the weather when deciding what to wear.

On my way to class, I happened to notice this Fashionista in all neutrals with great detailed accessories, which caught my eye. The color palette for her outfit caught my eye the most; usually in the spring, people begin to bring out the warmer colors like the pinks, oranges, reds, and also the florals—but not this Fashionista.

To stay comfortable and defeat the changing weather, she based her look on a plain white T-shirt and loose joggers. She layered with a black hoodie and tan bomber to be protected from these Chicago winds because even though the sun shines, those brutal winds don’t stop.

You can’t have a great outfit without great accessories, so this Fashionista added a few minimal pieces, such as a great watch, midi rings, and an olive green beanie, to add more color to this neutral look and black ankle boots. When you have such a minimalist look, adding just a few accessories will make everything pop in just the right ways.

With the changing season and end of the semester blues, this look is great for being comfortable for class and enjoying the Chicago sun…when it decides to come out.