WHAT TO WEAR: Music Festival

The sun is starting to seem a lot less like an enemy, and day by day the temperature outside is getting a lot more bearable. You know what that means: fall is on its way. That’s right, pretty soon summer will be coming to an end and we’ll finally get to rake in the benefits of autumn. The breeze will get cooler, we’ll get to pull out those flannels and duster jackets that we’ve been storing all summer, and layers will make their triumphant return. Even more exciting, though, are all those fall musical festivals right around the corner.

When you think of what to wear to a fall music festival, the first thing that might come to mind is “I have to look cool!” If that’s what’s running through your head, don’t worry; it was my first thought too. The most important thing to remember when dressing for a festival is that you’ll be outside all day, which means your outfit must withstand the heat from the sun as well as the chilly breeze that comes at night.

This Fashionisto has his fall festival look down. He started off with a white graphic shirt. The color white will deflect the sun, keeping your body feeling cool and the bold black accents will make you look cool. He pushed up his sleeves for some added cool factor, but you could leave your sleeves whatever length feels comfortable to you.

When you plan to be walking around and dancing all day, shorts and sneakers are the best options. These ripped denim shorts and good old pair of Converse really capture the casual and laid back vibe of music festivals. The classic white Converse this Fashionisto is sporting are the perfect pick because they’re simple, stylish and have the added benefit of being super comfortable. Trust me, your feet will thank you later.

The key element in this outfit is the red and black plaid flannel. Not only does it look great tied around his waist, but it’s also great to throw on at night. When the sun starts to go down, it’s bound to get pretty chilly; this flannel is just thick enough to keep you warm during those autumn evenings. Plus, the fact that you can tie it around your waist makes it easily accessible and portable, so you don’t have to lug around a big bag as you jam out.

This Fashionisto finishes off his look with some on-trend reflective Ray-Ban sunglasses. These aviator shades will protect your eyes from the sun and add a luxe touch to this casual outfit, leaving you looking so very cool.