WHAT TO WEAR: Motivated for Midterms

I think it is safe to assume we all have a Power Look: A makeup technique, a hairstyle, or an outfit that makes us feel ready to take on anything. For me, it is almost certainly something with the color pink paired with ~sensible~ shoes. For this Fashionista, that look is as much about confidence as it is about reassurance.

“I wore this shirt to my last exam,” she confessed to me when I started shooting her look, and for an obvious reason too. The denim button down, that she thrifted online, features an adorable embedded patch of Winnie the Pooh characters and an inspirational embroidery that reads “hang on little buddies.” This cute message certainly makes her smile, and likely lifts the spirits of the other students around her.

Building her look around this obvious statement piece, this Fashionista kept the rest of her look simple and classic to really highlight the whimsical nature of her top. Her well fitting black jeans and slightly pointed toe black leather booties work as neutrals to frame her look and avoid the risk of looking overly dowdy. Likewise, her color-blocked cardigan, which she also found secondhand online, unifies the look with its black components but lightens up the look overall with its cream body and cozy appearance. My favorite detail from this look is this Fashionista’s knotting of the button down right at the top of her jeans, which is a technique that really streamlines her look, modernizes the top, and ties it all together.

Overall, this look is perfect for classes and tests because it is uncomplicated enough without being boring, comfortable enough without being frumpy, and unique without being overly ostentatious. By combining thrifted items with conventional ones, this Fashionista was able to craft a look emblematic of her personality and motivational for herself and those around her!