WHAT TO WEAR: Modern Grease Lightning

Leather and bomber jackets are making a comeback, and this guy rocks it. It is a modern twist to the ’50s rebel style. Now, there are many different fabrics that bombers can be in. This one is leather, paying homage to every girls favorite musical, Grease, and has a little bit of a biker feel to it with a higher neck collar. Guys, if you don’t own a bomber jacket of some kind, invest in one! Girls love them, and plus it’s a great unisex fashion piece that both girls and guys can rock. You can wear them day and night, but I love this brown one with white detail because it’s different and stands out.

Guys want to feel good just as much as girls do, so next time you want to just go to class or meet up with friends, throw on a jacket and grab your shades to spice up your look. I promise you, you’re going to make heads turn. These classic Ray-Ban’s give a great warmth feel to the outfit. The detail with the gold wire frame glasses is a nice change opposed to the classic silver wire frames. Also, the brown ombre lenses tie back to the jacket. Now although they are little details, they matter more than you know! Girls, and guys, pay attention to how much you put into your look. If you don’t care for the classic aviator look and are bold, you can pair it with a worn oatmeal wide brim hat or even a long masculine necklace. They are not just accessories with girls, guys can pull them off, too.

It’s the little details that can make a difference in your appearance. If you stripped away the jacket and glasses, you would simply have a classic soft T-shirt with blue jeans. There’s nothing wrong with that—you just may look like every other guy on the street. So to avoid that, step out of your comfort zone, grab that bomber jacket, your lace-up boots, and your favorite pair of shades. You will get heads turning in your direction in a good way.