WHAT TO WEAR: Minimalist Moment

Fall is finally here and I am loving every outfit I’m seeing all over campus! I’ve become so inspired by the styles of my campus but there’s one that has really caught my eye this season—minimalism. Neutral tones and monochromes have never been my cup of tea but I’ve found that a toned down look is a must-have this season. Interviews and class presentations are a perfect setting for trying out a a look that brings it all back to the basics.

If you are one who who love patterns, the best way to refine your look is to pick one pattern that is going to be the stand out in your outfit. For patterns, I recommend stripes or polka dots, but if you really want to spice up the look try a geometric pattern or even the classic houndstooth print. In the look above, the abstract black and white pattern adds an interesting texture and depth to the look.

The best way to style around your pattern is to go for solids in the rest of your look. You can never go wrong with black and white. To create a well rounded look, definitely look into what the neutral tones of the season are. Beiges and warm brown tones are perfect for the cozy fall look. A tan trench coat is great to pull together monochrome outfits.

If you are already a monochromatic aficionado, switch up your color minimalism or try wearing shades of gray and off-white to play with color. The best part of a minimalist look is that it can work with so many different colors and styles. Although the colors and pattern choices I suggested are geared towards fall trends, these looks and practices can be applied during any season.

Don’t be afraid to have a minimalist moment. You may be pleasantly surprised with your look.