WHAT TO WEAR: Men Can Summer Love, Too

Whenever we hear the phrase “summer lovin’,” I’m can’t be the only one who pictures a floral, flowy dress worn by a bubbly young lady, sipping on pink lemonade. This seems to be the “ideal” attire for when anyone has an idea of what an appropriate summer ensemble should look like.

Well, I’m here to tell you that the ladies are not the only people in the world who get to dress up (or should we say, down) for the hot season. Guys can also change up their wardrobe—albeit, much more casual than the frills of your typical female, but still summer attire nonetheless. Guys have it much easier, too. Similar to this Fashionisto, all they have to do really is pull on a cotton crew neck T-shirt, some comfy ol’ cargo shorts and their favourite worn-in Birkenstocks. Grab your classic polarized Ray-Bans and out the door you go, looking as fresh and as cozy as ever. Simple, right? Guys really do have it so easy.

Not only is this look completely versatile, but it’s totally appropriate for the summer season. If your girlfriend is complaining that it’s too laid back, switch out your cotton T-shirt for a pin-striped button-up, and your cargos for a crisp pair of white trousers. This Fashionisto has got it right, from the haziness of the shirt to the rugged masculinity of the shorts; this ensemble is suited for anyone who wants that approachable, yet relaxed kind of look. Who wants to look all stuffy and wound up in the beautiful summer season, anyway?

One Simple Change: For an evening in the city, swap out the shorts for a pair of raw denim jeans, and the Birkenstocks for some boat shoes. But keep the T-shirt for that calm and cool outfit that matches the attitude.