WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

Your significant other’s parents: the most intimidating pair of people you will ever encounter in your life. Meeting the parents can be an extremely stressful and potentially sticky event. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and this impression is one that, no matter how good or bad, will stick with you throughout your entire relationship. For us Fashionistas, we always dress to impress, so you must strive to look classy and most definitely not trashy when it comes to meeting these two. Have no fear Fashionistas, because this week I am helping you prepare yourself to ensure that his parents know you are a keeper.

Sophistication is the number one goal here when it comes to dressing yourself for this occasion. You want to convey an image of maturity, so this means straying away from any low-cut or revealing tops and leaning towards high-neck tops and button-up blouses. For shoes, I personally suggest sticking to shoes that are not your casual flip flops or sneakers and opting for more ladylike flats or pointed toe ankle boots. For makeup, I also suggest leaning towards the more light and natural side with nothing too heavy on the eyes. All these tips will combine together to help you look polished.

This Fashionista did a fantastic job with this task by choosing a black and white, polka dot blouse and nude and white colored flats with mesh detailing. To add a touch of youthfulness back into the look, she paired her blouse with an excellent pair of destroyed, light wash skinny jeans. This pair of denim is not so tight fitting that it contrasts with the chiffon fabric, giving the look an overall relaxed feel to balance out the business vibe of the top. To jazz the look up further, this Fashionista opted for a bright, fuchsia necklace and some feline shaped sunglasses. She paired her outfit with a structured, black cross-body bag for a last, simple touch of elegance.

With that said, I hope this helps some of you Fashionistas out there feel a little less stressed about this nerve-racking occasion. With style like yours, I am sure you will do just fine. But for good measure, I wish you all the best of luck!

One Simple Change: Want to turn this look around? Try replacing the flats for your favorite pair of sandals or low-top Converse. Also, take down the fanciness a couple of notches by removing the statement necklace and just unbuttoning some of those top buttons on the blouse for a more casual look. Throw on a floppy hat or fedora and you are good to go for lounging around the town on the weekend.