WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

Many of us can relate to that somewhat nerve-racking moment when our significant other suggests that we meet their parents. While that is always a good sign for the relationship, it can be quite a stressful situation. Picking an outfit for this event can be very time consuming. After trying on every possible combination in your closet (which inevitably ends up on the floor) and your significant other assuring you that you will look good no matter what, you are back to where you started, still having no idea what to wear. My advice? Plan some outfits to wear the days following this event. In these outfits will be your staple items that represent your style. Mix and match items from these outfits to create an outfit that is just right. This Fashionista did just that and came up with an outfit that is true to her style.

This Fashionista stuck with neutral and basic pieces when creating this outfit. Her combination of a chambray shirt and a pleated mini skirt made a perfect mix of dressy and casual. While this might have been dressy enough for many, she took the plunge and decided to wear platform sandals. Yes, heels aren’t for everyone, but platforms are the best choice for comfort. Since your feet won’t be coming in contact with the ground due to the platform, it will have less impact on your body, making them easier to wear for longer periods of time. For the finishing touch, this Fashionista added a small cross-body bag from kate spade. With just enough room to hold your phone and lipstick, this bag is the perfect size and adds a luxury touch to the outfit.

One Simple Change: Just finished dinner with the parents and want to go out with your friends? Simply tuck the strap from the purse inside to convert it to a clutch, switch the chambray for a cute tank top and add some lipstick. Since you were already wearing heels, you are ready for a night out with the girls!